Wall-Climbing Hexapod (TRHex)

Inspired by my previous work on Volcanobot, myself and several friends developed a microspine-enhanced hexapod robot based on the RHex architecture. While not yet able to climb vertical walls, the robot can scale inclines up to 55 degrees and statically cling to overhangs far beyond vertical. I contributed the overall leg architecture as well as a novel way of rapidly fabricating embedded microspine structures through the use of FDM 3d printing.


Publications related to this project:

Our Youtube video created as a part of the course

Matt Martone, Catherine Pavlov, Adam Zeloof, Vivaan Bahl, Aaron M. Johnson. Enhancing the Vertical Mobility of a Robot Hexapod Using Microspines. arXiv preprint, last revised September 2019. Link.

Paul Nadan, Dinesh K. Patel, Catherine Pavlov, Spencer Backus, and Aaron M. Johnson. Microspine Design for Additive Manufacturing. IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems 2022. Link.

Press related to this project:


IEEE Spectrum


Digital Trends

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